Spazio Masajes

The team of Spazio Masajes


Founder and Instructor

Sujati Sandra Lacanna


I began my training as a therapist in India in 1994, where I lived in the International Osho Commune for 2 years, experiencing various body work methods such as rebirthing, massage, color-puncture therapy and various transformation methods, accompanying this process with an honest exploration of my consciousness through meditation and dance therapies- such as Gabrielle Roth’s 5 rhythms. I have more than 20 years of professional experience, and have lived in Australia, Argentina, and Spain. I have been trained in the rocking technique Hamacados Armónicos and then I specialized in Californian massage at the Oasis Massage School, where I graduated and worked as an assistant and instructor for various courses.

I also completed the advanced training course in Family Constellations for Therapists with Vedanta Suravi and Svagito Liebermeister.

At present, I give private sessions and coordinate massage courses and workshops in various cities in Spain through which I can transmit the essence of my work, helping clients and participants to feel a higher level of well being and consciousness.

She is also Certified as an Esalen® Massage Teacher from the Esalen Institute, Big Sur (California).

Instructor and Asistent

Marta Sanglas


In 2005 he came into contact with the world of personal growth and trained as a Gestalt therapist. In 2008 he discovers Californiano-Esalen Massage from the hand of Sujati and the school Spazio Massages. From the first moment she is captivated by this technique and sees a tool to work the body.

Within the training in Californian Massage, also trained in massage for pregnant women, deep tissue, and is certified internationally as a Californian Massage Esalen by the Esalen Institute of Big Sur (California).

He is also trained in different fields related to the therapeutic world: Master in Gestalt-coach, specific workshops of Family Constellations, the proto of the SAT Program and the first level of Usui Reiki.

Since 2015 she has been an instructor at Spazio Massajes.

Maria Lucas Ruiz

Esalen Californian Massage Therapist and Director of Espacio Calithai Massages. She began her training in Californian Massage living in Argentina in 2006 where she discovered the School of Massage and Healing Arts Oasis. In 2008 she moved back to Madrid where she met Sujati, with whom she worked as an assistant for the Spazio School of Massage.

The journey continues to nourish it on the basis of personal experience and formation. She is certified in Esalen Massage, Deep Tissue (with Yamuna and Roger – Oasis) and specialization workshops with Ingrid May (Oasis). In 2015 she opens her own workspace in Madrid: Calithai Massage Space, where gives Californian Massage Esalen sessions and participates more closely with the Spazio School of Massage, opening the practice space for students.

“I see the body as a key of internal exploration that leads us to silence and the intrinsic joy of life.”

Ana González Tejera

Gestalt and Body Psychotherapist. Graduate in Social Education from the Universidad Complutense, trained in Psychology at the UNED. Postgraduate Gestalt Therapy (Quatro Group), Californian Massage (Spazio Massage School, Suajti Lacana), Postgraduate PCI (Incorpore School, Antonio del Olmo), Ayurveda Massage (Risikesh India), Taylanese Massage (San Cristobal, Mexico), 3 levels of Reiki Usui, Postgraduate Systemic Therapy. (Psicogestalt), Integrative Psychotherapy, SAT Process. Psychology of Enneatypes. (Claudio Naranjo Foundation), Vipassana Meditation Master Goenka, Personal Coach Technician, Trainer of Trainers, Member of the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy (AETG), Member No. CPEESM: 416.

Director of the Althea Space for Human Development: Integrative Gestalt Therapy since 2008. With 22 years of experience working with groups and training activities, 15 years accompanying in therapeutic processes and personal development with a humanistic and corporal approach. In continuous training and learning.

Cristina Poll

Graduated in physiotherapy (UAB-Gimbernat, 2013-2019) with 44 years. She began her studies on the body through shiatsu and movement (2005-2008), and later studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (Cenac, 2008-2012). He has been learning and practicing non-violent communication since 2013. Recognizes the body as an integrated system where the physical: muscles, fascias, joints, nerves, viscera and organs are related to each other and to emotional and cognitive processes, generating global and concrete responses. It considers the body as a grateful ally to be taken into account.

Cristina facilitates practical and experiential anatomy learning for California massage students, shiatsu students and yoga teachers.

Administrative Secretary

Lola Rosemary

Lola RomeroFrom Barcelona with andalusian roots, at the age of 22 she graduated in Physiotherapy. She then trained in audiovisuals and worked for over 10 years in film, television and commercial production.

After a break, to become a full-time mother to her 2 daughters, she joins the Spazio Massage team as a secretary, where she combines her knowledge in the field of organization and body.