An exploration of our freedom, our desires, our limits and our own personal power through inquiry, individual and group exercises, and conscious dance.


Online Workshop

What does this Personal Transformation workshop consist of?

We will seek to recognize the healthy way to be our own sovereigns – the masters of our decisions and desires.

We will focus on how to set healthy boundaries, investigating when and how we need to do so, allowing us to become grounded in our decision, and thus feel the power of our own actions and choices. For this, we need to connect with our feeling, to decode our deepest longings and our own power.

We will investigate, from the sensation felt in the body, how to differentiate between what makes us contract to protect ourselves and what makes us expand. Recognizing and giving ourselves the permission to say YES to what we really want and NO to what we don’t want, practicing at the same time how to ask for what we need.

We will use tools and insights taken from the 5Rhythms map, Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal Theory and client-centered therapy.

ONLINE Workshop

START: Monday March 22nd
END: Monday April 19th

5 meetings

Monday: from 18,30 to 21 h (Spanish time)
Last monday from 18,30 to 21,30 h.

FACILITATORS: Roger Jackson and Nadia Mac Namara


They will guide and accompany you:

Roger Jackson

Roger is a trauma therapist, massage therapist, group facilitator and international teacher. He is certified in Somatic Experiencing®, Esalen Massage® and other bodywork styles, and is a trained Iyengar Yoga instructor.

He has worked as a therapist for fifteen years. In 2013 he became the director of the
Oasis – School of Massage and Healing Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina; he has been a faculty member of Spazio, Spain since 2014. He is also a teacher at EspaiLudic school of Gestalt psychology, Catalunya and in 2019 became a member of the Togetherness team, London.

He currently lives and attends privately in London and travels frequently to facilitate groups. Roger is driven by a deep love of life and discovering ways to open to deeper states of connection. He is particularly interested in the ways in which trauma keeps us isolated from our true nature and how to help people find ways to access these parts of themselves.

Nadia Mac Namara.

Nadia is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher, she has been immersed in movement meditation and somatic therapies for the past 20 years. Facilitating groups, offering safe holding spaces for personal exploration through dance, massage and word. Using music as an integral part of dance, weaving journeys through the power of sound and movement.

Nadia also works as a psychological counselor accompanying individual processes of transformation.
She is the director of studies at Oasis – School of Californian Massage and Healing Arts, of which she has been a part since 2000.

Her vision is to offer spaces for deep connection, allowing us to access the wisdom of our body, expanding our perception, giving us the possibility to connect with the totality and thus be able to see beyond our own limits and conditioning.

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